Only need a basic website, no problem, our pre-built websites are great for you.  Need a little more help with an online store or booking forms, great, we can help with that too. Just get in touch and we can talk options.

Web Design

Search through our portfolio of ‘off the shelf’ pre-built websites, buy online, submit your own images and text (we can help you with that if you need) and we can have your website up and running within 24 hours.


Need updates throughout the year? No problem, that’s all part of our service. Once you’ve purchased one of our pre-built websites you will receive all relevant details for submitting the initial changes and further updates through the year


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the online visibility of your website aka getting it ranked higher on searches.  We can talk to you about the pros and cons of this and would be delighted to help improve your site SEO.


Your website is your virtual business card..

Deciding what you need from a website can be daunting but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help.

Even if you don’t expect to gain new business from a website, it’s now essential for all companies to have a website to verify you’re an established company, think of your website as a virtual business card.  Most people now go straight to your website & social media to verify you’re a valid company before considering ordering.

So whether your strategy is just to create an online presence, to talk about products and services via a blog, host a webstore to sell your products or take bookings for your B&B or campsite, we are here to help.

Establish the purpose for your website

Step one is establishing what you need your website to do.  That could be achieved in a number of phases or straight away at launch

Choose your preferred design

Select one of our pre-built websites that are ready to go off the shelf, provide us with your bespoke text and images which we can help with if needed and we will send you a password protected draft version for you to check and approve

Website launch

Once the draft has been approved, we will launch your site on your personalised domain (e.g. and setup your contact forms.

At this point we then discuss any further updates or enhancements needing like online booking forms, quote modules or we start uploading your products into your new webstore.

Web Design

Setting up a website no longer needs to be a daunting, expensive process

Web design is a huge minefield and no wonder it puts many small businesses off from having a website.  Traditionally you give a web designer details of your company and a brief of what you need the website for.  From there, they go away and knock up a few designs to see which you prefer but you may not like any.  Each time they go away and start again or make a revision, you are charged more.

That’s where iMind Your Website is different.  Our websites are pre-built and ready to go, all we need to do is change the images and text to your unique content and launch the website. Your website with it’s own bespoke domain (e.g. could be online within 24 hours.

Pre-built websites

All our websites are pre-built and ready to go.  Once we’ve received your content (which we can help you with if needed) your website can be online within 24 hours.

Unique Content

After ordering your site, we will contact you with details of what content needs changing. This is normally the header banners, in page images and the text content.  For example with a campsite template, you would normally change the banner image to one of your campsite and the content to your site facilities and season dates.

Extra pages

If you need extra pages on your site than our templates include, no problem. For example, you may want to add product information pages, or FAQs.  Just get in touch and we can talk about your needs.

Content changes

Does your site need regular updates?  For example for a travel agent website you may look to change your images with the holiday season, nice hot beaches in the summer and ski resorts in the winter.  Again, this is no problem at all.


A website is always evolving

Don’t worry, we don’t abandon you once your website is up and running.  We monitor the site performance regularly, suggest updates or modifications as needed and provide monthly reports on your site traffic (if required).

After your site is up and running, you may decide you want to install booking systems, a webstore, live chat or other modules.  No problem at all, just reach out to us and we can suggest some options to see which suit your needs best.

Responsive designs

All our website designs are responsive to ensure they display as best as possible on the PC, smartphone or tablet.  With so many different models and sizes, it’s impossible for every website to look its best on every device but we try our best and only use premium templates.

Unique content

After ordering your site, we will contact you with details of what content needs changing. This is normally the header banners, in page images and the text content.  For example with a campsite template, you would normally change the banner image to one of your campsite and the content to your site facilities and season dates.


If you chose to buy your website we can install it onto your own hosting package or you can take one of our own packages at a discount.  If you chose to rent your website, we will host it and the cost is included in the rental charge.


Keeping your website interesting is the key to appearing in searches

SEO or Search Engine Optimization  is an ever evolving process with many different trains of thought.  In a nutshell, the more interesting your website’s content, the more visitors your site gets and importantly, the longer they stay on each page and more pages they view, search engines like Google will determine your site is ‘interesting’ and rank it higher.

Having a niche website with blogs about your specific products or services, a regular blog and ‘audited’ articles and pages all help.

Again, we don’t abandon you to do this yourself.  Our ongoing website management covers all aspects of this and we can give you guidance on which blog posts and pages get the most views & which ones visitors leave from.

SEO settings

There are lots of little tweaks that can be made to pages, posts and images to help rank your website higher in searches.  Our website management service will regularly check your content and suggest tweaks and updates.

Monthly statistics

Using Google Analytics and various other tools, we can provide you with regular updates on your website statistics including number of monthly visits, unique visitors vs returning, countries of origin and which pages and posts are most viewed.

Unique images and content

Unique images and content greatly improve your ranking.  If you are hoping for your website to attract new clients whether directly or indirectly, it’s important to keep the site up to date and content original and interesting.

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